Monday, December 8, 2008

Lost is coming back!

So Derek and i got totally addicated to Lost this fall. We used Lost as our go to release from school and stress, and got through the seasons suprisingly fast. Now we are waiting for the new season to start. I thought i would post this link for all of the Lost fans out there. For those who arent, i think this will make you want to start watching!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Temple Square at Christmas

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we had the chance to visit Temple Square and see the Christmas lights. We went with Taylor and Stephanie and had a great time. First we had dinner at Gateway and then scalped tickets to the Jazz game. After the game we bundled up and went to Temple Square. It was packed, but that didnt take away from the beautiful lights and spirit there. Derek and I loved the various nativity scenes scattered around the Square and were amazed at how many strands of lights it took to light up just one tree! It really brought the spirit of Christmas to us this year.

Fall Fun

I cant believe the semester is almost over! It seems like yesterday we were going to our first day of classes. Luckily this semester hasnt been just work and school. We have had the chance to do so many fun things with our friends who have come to mean so much to us. The 2 for 1 coupon book has been our trusted companion, along with trips to Salt Lake and NCAA football on Xbox. This semester we have had the chance to go camping with Caitlin and Andrew, carve pumpkins with Derek's mission buddies and roommates, attend BYU football games, go to Comedy Sports and attend General Conference with our families. I am sure next semester will be just as much fun as we are getting even closer to our wedding day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Proposal

Derek finally proposed! I think we are still in shock! It happened on Tuesday November 4th. I was home sick from classes and Derek was taking care of me. I asked him to go get me medicine and he was gone for almost an hour! I was so frustrated when he got back, but tried to be patient while he got the medicine all set up downstairs. He finaly came up stairs and sat down next to me, all smiles and hugs. He handed me the medicine and told me to read the note atached to the bottle. In the note it said we would be together forever and that he loved me. I looked up and he was on one knee. He said my name and I told him to shut up. He had been faking me out for weeks so I didnt believe him. We laughed and he sat down next to me and I reached for the medicine. He told me to take the medicine in the bottle first. When I opened the bottle there was a ring sitting on top of all of the pills. I couldnt bleive it! Derek got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and put on the beautiful ring! His roommates were all there and took pictures of the whole thing. We couldnt be happier! We are hoping to get married May 15th 2009 in the Orlando Florida temple.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Derek's 21st birthday!

In celebration of Derek becoming an offical adult, Caitlin, Andrew, Derek and I all went to dinner at Los Hermanos. Andrew made sure to let the waitress know we had a birthday boy at the table and she didnt hold back! Derek was sung too by the staff and wore that sweet sombraro like a champ! Although it wasn't we had planned, it turned out to be a great night!