Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Proposal

Derek finally proposed! I think we are still in shock! It happened on Tuesday November 4th. I was home sick from classes and Derek was taking care of me. I asked him to go get me medicine and he was gone for almost an hour! I was so frustrated when he got back, but tried to be patient while he got the medicine all set up downstairs. He finaly came up stairs and sat down next to me, all smiles and hugs. He handed me the medicine and told me to read the note atached to the bottle. In the note it said we would be together forever and that he loved me. I looked up and he was on one knee. He said my name and I told him to shut up. He had been faking me out for weeks so I didnt believe him. We laughed and he sat down next to me and I reached for the medicine. He told me to take the medicine in the bottle first. When I opened the bottle there was a ring sitting on top of all of the pills. I couldnt bleive it! Derek got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and put on the beautiful ring! His roommates were all there and took pictures of the whole thing. We couldnt be happier! We are hoping to get married May 15th 2009 in the Orlando Florida temple.