Sunday, April 19, 2009


So i have inherited many great things from my mother: I love to talk, work, read, laugh, watch corny chick flicks and i love to teach. However, along with those attributes, I have discovered that I have also inherited some of her quirks: claustrophobia, organization skills, migraines and yes... insomnia!! I remember coming home as a teenager and thinking my mom really just wanted to wait up for me at 2 in the morning. Now I understand that it wasn't about me as much as it was about the fact that she would wake up ten times in the night. It really isn't too bad when I am in the middle of the semester and totally exhausted from work, school and life. But since i froze my gym membership and decided to start sleeping so i passed finals, i have found myself in a world full on online TV, blog stalking, and obsessively packing and repacking what i think i might need for the next forty five days of my life, all in the middle of the night. However, despite the long nights alone in my thoughts, I have found that the extra time i have is going to good use. I have come up with clever ideas for organizing our ridiculously small and closetless house, reviewed more than ever for my finals, and gotten myself EXTREMELY excited for my upcoming wedding! I review all of the little details... hoping that it will all come together somehow! Sometimes i cant believe it has been almost six months since we got engaged! I keep forgetting that i didn't always know that Derek was the one, even though i think my family swears they did. I guess what this all comes down too is that despite the fact that i am up at 3 am with just my thoughts, my thoughts always seem to come back to the biggest blessing in my life, my future hubby! Derek is funny, smart, witty, talented, and always strives to be the best person he can be... He really makes all of the hard times seem easier and is a saint for putting up with me! I cant wait until May 23rd!