Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Last Few Months in Pictures

So here are a few highlights from the last few months in picture!

Our beautiful purple and green Christmas tree, courtesy of Buffy!!!
Colonel Mustard and Miss White at the Clue Party :)
Derek's 21st birthday!! We had an awesome BBQ with friends... it was amazing!!!
He is so handsome :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Madness

What a weekend!! It all started friday when Sarah and I got New Moon pedicures. Soo relaxing!! That night, we went on a double date with Sarah and Ryan to go see NEW MOON!!! It really was awesome! I started reading the series back when New Moon had come out and waited anxiously for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I am not a huge fan of the actors in the movies, but I do love the story. My hubby was so good to go with me and be my Edward :) Saturday, we went and got some yummy In-n-Out!! We only waited a half hour in the car and boy was it worth it! I swear they put something in those burgers, because we are all craving more!

Today Derek and I are celebrating our six month anniversary. I am sooo grateful for my husband. He is perfect for me!! We have so much in common and he always makes me laugh... plus he is pretty freakin handsome!! We are so blessed in every aspect of our lives, especially in regard to our marriage. How many people get to start out their marriage knowing they will be together for eternity? I am so excited for all that the future has for us!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Last Few Months

So we haven't completely disappeared. We have just been spending a lot of time in this pretty building. So much has been going on this semester. Derek is doing great with his heavy course load and still working on his exercise science major. He just got a job to be a referee for the city of Provo to ref. city league basketball!! What a stud, right? I am still pursuing my English degree and working a Buckle part time. I also just started to work for the Education Department at BYU as a part-time editor! It is a dream job and a great opportunity to learn more about the career i am pursuing. Derek turned 22 at the end of September and had a great BBQ with some freinds. We have also had both of our parents out to visit: it has been such a great fall!! We are grateful that the winter has been mild thus far and are super excited to go back to Florida for Christmas. We are loving being out here at the Y and making great friends. Sorry there arent too many exciting pictures, but i will do my best to keep up a little better from now on.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rafting the Provo River

This weekend we had the chance to raft the Provo river with Sarah, Ryan, Lara and Tyler. Lara and Tyler are in our ward and we love being able to hang out with them. (BTW Lara makes some mean enchiladas!!) So Saturday morning we roughed it up the canyon to try the perilous journey down the rapids. Ok so it really wasnt that bad. The water was freezing but it was hot enough to make up for it. The guys were great navigators and we made it safe and sound down the easy part. Then we left our hubbies to raft the bottom part of the river which turned out to be pretty dangerous. Apparently Tyler fell out and they narrowly passed under a bridge, but they survived with only minor injuries and alot more confidence. The canyon really is a beautiful place: we are so lucky to have such beautiful creations around us! Thanks to our friends for making it all happen!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Last Month

Derek and I have been so busy! We are getting settled in to our life in Provo and really loving it. I have been working at Buckle three weeks and am really enjoying it. I am getting the hang of the store and love helping people feel better about themselves. Derek is doing great with school! He is studying hard and meeting some great friends, which always makes it easier to study. We are having so much fun and just feel blessed to have the life we do! Here are a few pictures from my most recent baking disaster and my new hair cut!

Cali with the Vorwallers

For the fourth of July we joined the Vorwallers on a road trip to California. It was such a fun weekend, even though it went way too fast! We had so much fun seeing Grandma and Grandpa Humpherys and being able to see the city! Derek had never been, so we spent the day at the Pier and driving around to all the main tourist sites. We also toured Grandpas orchard and ate the best fruit ever! However, the best part was the In'n'out we got on the way home! We were totally satisfied :) I love being married and Derek and i loved our first vaca together! Hopefully there are many more to come!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding pictures are here!

So our wedding pictures are finally up! I cant upload any until i get the CD, but the website is Megan and her husband did a great job and Derek and I couldnt be happier. It really was the perfect day! Enjoy the pictures!

Honeymoon: Day 4

The last day of our offical honeymoon was spent at sea. We pretty much just laid out and got fried all day long. It was so nice to just have sunny skies and nothing to do! We ate alot that day and just enjoyed our last day on the boat. We loved our cruise: lounging, eating and not having a worry in the world! We are so thankful for the chance we had to go!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Honeymoon: Day 3

The third day was spent in Nassau. We really liked Nassau and loved going to the shopping district right by the port. We found a beautiful beach scene picture from a creepy bahamian man.. but it is perfect for our house. We also took a glass bottom boat tour of the island and found out alot of cool things about Nassau. We also saw a sting ray, a bunch of fish and some cool coral. After the boat tour we went back to the boat, but it rained most of the afternoon. We took the opportunity to nap and visit the hot tubs on the boat. It really was a fun day!

Honeymoon: Day 2

In all of the snorkeling gear

Where we went snorkeling... the water was soooo clear!!
Our view at dinner... gorgeous!

Day 2 was a marvelous day in Freeport. Derek and I had the chance to go snorkeling off the island and see some pretty cool fish. We loved being in the sun all day and just being together. We also enjoyed the afternoon at the pool and tried to win TV theme song trivia. We failed horribly, but only because the shows were from the seventies. We decided not to do the formal dinner and instead ate on the back of the boat looking out at the ocean. It was a perfect day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Honeymoon: The First 24 Hours

Our wedding was amazing! The whole day was beautiful and it was so fun to have our families with us! We had a chance to spend our first night as newlyweds at a hotel on the beach in Satellite Beach. We had a gorgeous view and could hear the ocean from our room. We had breakfast in bed the next morning and then went to the blessing and naming of Chloe Sophia and Gwen Ruth, our nieces. The blessings were beautiful and Derek had the chance to participate in the blessing, which made it all worth it! Then we went to my parents house and visited with my grandparents who came to the wedding. Sarah and Ryan took us to the boat, and we unpacked and got ready for dinner! The food was amazing!!! We met some fun couples on the boat and just enjoyed being together! When we came back from dinner, our sheets were turned down and a cute towel animal awaited us. It was such a fun first day and we loved being able to be together!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Years Pics... Finally!

So my dad got a camera for christmas and took the cutest pictures at Christmas. The problem was that he kept forgetting to email them to me. So finally, after 5 months, I got the pictures! We had such a great New Year with our families. We had the chance to go to dinner with Derek's dad and spend some quality time talking and getting great advise. After, we went to my house and celebrated the new year with my family and some friends. It really was a great New Year and it is so fun to look back and remember this fun time!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Disney Birthday

Taking a break from the sun
Chowing down at lunch
Derek driving... He is so handsome :)
Were finally here!!!

My birthday surprises all began on Thursday... I arrived home from work to a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers... my favorite color! Another surprised arrived not long after... Dereks basketball was cancelled so we got to spend the evening together! The next day in celebration of my 22nd birthday, Derek took me to Blizzard Beach at Disneyworld! It was a perfect day to be outside and i felt like a princess all day. When we arrived, they gave me a pin that said Happy Birthday so i pinned it on my bag... on our way in two employees wished me a Happy B-day!! It was really cute :) The rides were really fun, the lines short and we dominated the toboggan racing... Derek won 2 out of the 3 times we went on! We lounged in the lazy river and got a good tan for the big day. Luckily we both sneaked by without a sunburn! After the waterpark, Derek took me to pick up my wedding present: a new set of scriptures with my nae engraved on them! It was the sweetest gift ever! I love looking at them with my new name on them! The day continued with some TCBY yogurt and then the drive home, which resulted in a very good nap for me :) We had dinner from my favorite Thai place and went and saw the new Star Trek movie which i LOVED!!! I feel like JJ Abrams may be a little obsessed with time travel, but hopefully by the time Lost ends next year i will be less confused :) Anyway, it was the perfect day!! Derek made me feel like a princess and it never ceases to amaze me how thoughtful he really is! This year definitely marks the best birthday yet!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Uncle Derek

Uncle Derek with little Chloe... Arent they just too cute! And they look so alike... He will be a great dad one day! Thanks Buffy for the pic

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding Preview

Just a few of the centerpieces for the reception!!

So i know that everyone in the world is DYING to know what kind of flowers will be at my wedding and all of the other many details that have gone into my dream wedding..... No? Well i will share anyway. My mom has a student who is from Dubai and he is a master florist! So instead of doing real flowers and worrying about the availability of flowers and colors and if they will wilt in 100 degree weather, we decided to have Mustafa do the flowers. He has done a fabulous job! We have tons of centerpieces and bouquets and boutonnieres strewn about the house, but thanks to Mustafa everything is finished ahead of schedule and is beautiful. I think everything else is pretty much finished... cupcake tasting, dress fitting, venue checks, and rentals! Now we just have to wait it out! I am SOOO glad we didn't have the wedding right after school! I think I would have gone insane! We have already had the chance to spend time with family and enjoy the amazing weather we have had here in Florida. I am sure the next two weeks will be crazy, but it will all pay off!